Annual Wine Competition Rules:

1.    The exhibitor will be of amateur status and have made all entries on non-commercial premises.

2.    Wines will be submitted in an appropriate standard 750ml wine bottle, preferably clear.

3.    Liqueurs will be presented in a clear glass 300ml soft drink bottle.

4.    Sparkling wines must be exhibited in standard champagne bottles, clear or coloured.

5.    The only label accepted will be the official one, which is to be fixed to the bottle. No other attachments are permissible.

6.    Liqueurs will not gain points for Best Wine of the Show.

7.    Due to the competition being so early in the season, ‘current vintage’ is deemed to be the previous year (i.e wine show in 2012, vintage 2011).

8.    Wine Maker of the Year trophy will be awarded to a member of the Wodonga & District Winemakers Guild only. It will be awarded to the member averaging the highest points, with a minimum or bronze, over six different classes of wine.  If no one achieves the bronze minimum score then the award will carry over to the following year.