10                     Medium Sized Oranges

450g                 Sultanas

1kg                   Sugar

2 Tsp                Pectin Enzyme

1 Tsp                Yeast Nutrient

1                      Vit B Tablet

4 litre                Water

1 tsp                 Yeast

Sulphite Solution



-          Squeeze the fruit from the oranges, strain and pour into bucket with 1 litre of water.

-          Finely grate or thinly pare the peel from a few of the oranges, avoiding the white pith (about 50g is adequate) and pour 1 litre of boiling water over the            peel.  Leave to cool and add to the orange juice with the washed minced sultanas, pectin enzyme, yeast nutrient, Vit B Tablet and active yeast starter

-          Ferment on the pulp for 2 days, keeping the fruit submerged and the bucket tightly covered.

-          Strain, pressing the pulp and pour into a demijohn with the dissolved sugar

-          When fermentation ceases syphon the clearing wine from the sediment into a clean demijohn and move to a cool place. After one or two days rack                  again, adding 2 tsp of sulphite solution, topping up with a little water. Store in a cool place. Rack again when a heavy deposit forms

-          Siphon off after two months then again when clear.

-          Mature in demijohn for 6 months before bottling.