Member Meetings 


June 28th                                   AGM - Baranduda Community Centre 2pm  

June 28th                                   Baranduda Community Centre 3pm    

July 22nd                                    Blending/reworking wine

August 16th                                 Wine Class - Ginger and Green Tea Wine and Orange/Coffee Liqueur

September 16th                           Wine Faults

October 18th                              Wine Class - Beetroot Wine and Mead

November 18th                           Wine Additives

December 6th TBC                       Wine Class and Christmas Break up afternoon-Orange Wine

January 20th                               Wine tasting / Wine Shows

February 21st                              Wine Class-CIT

March 6-8                               WINE SHOW

April 18th                                    Wine Class-CSF

May 19th                                     Foraging Guide

June 20th                                    AGM and Wine Class - COF